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Analysis April 2023: Brexit troubles faced by publishers and auction houses


Brexit continues to blight the UK music industry and businesses such as auction houses and music publishers are among the affected parties

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The third anniversary of Brexit passed on 31 January 2023 with many UK musicians and orchestras still facing significant challenges to working and touring in the EU. Such issues include restrictions on cabotage (the number of stops a UK vehicle carrying instruments or equipment can make in the EU); limits on the time artists can spend in the Schengen area; and the extra costs and paperwork involved in obtaining ATA carnets for transporting anything other than personal portable instruments, and for ensuring the correct CITES certification for travelling with instruments containing endangered species. But touring musicians are not alone in the music industry in having to contend with Brexit complexities. Retailers, music publishers and instrument auction houses are among those businesses that have had to adapt to higher costs and extra administration, and the various consequences of new trade barriers such as customers having to pay import VAT, customs duties and courier handling fees…

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