Blog: This is who YOU trust to deliver Brexit – poll result – Express

Prime Minister signed a new deal with the last week to improve post- trade relations in . However, a has shown that former Prime Minister is trusted over Mr Sunak to deliver .

Mr Sunak hailed the Windsor Framework he agreed on with European Commission President as a “decisive breakthrough”.

He told the House of Commons that the replacement to the Northern Ireland Protocol puts “beyond all doubt that we have now taken back control”

Mr Johnson negotiated and signed the UK’s withdrawal agreement during his premiership. He admitted that the post-Brexit trade row in Northern Ireland was “all his fault” but said he had “mixed feelings” towards the Windsor Framework, warning he would find it “very difficult” to support it in the Commons vote.

In his first major speech in the UK since leaving office, on Thursday, March 2, Mr Johnsonn said the new deal would act as a “drag anchor” on Brexit opportunities, adding: “This is nothing if it is not a Brexit government, and Brexit is nothing if we in this country don’t do things differently.”

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In a poll that ran from 9am on Monday, March 6, to 11.30am on Tuesday, March 7, : “Who do you trust to really deliver Brexit?”

A total of 5,405 votes were cast, with almost half of readers, 47 percent (2,524 people), answering “Boris Johnson. By comparison, just 17 percent (932 people) said “Rishi Sunak”.

In addition, over a third of readers, 35 percent (1,896 people) answered “neither” and one percent (53 people) said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as .

Some readers argued that Mr Johnson was the best person to deliver Brexit, like username freckles3107, who wrote: “I trust Boris to get a better deal than Sunak.”

Username Noch’n Rollmops said: “Johnson got Brexit done. Britain has left the EU, it’s out.”

Likewise, username figaro99 said: “Obviously Boris, he was the only politician who was prepared to act on the democratic instruction from the UK people to leave the EU.”

Whereas others thought Mr Sunak should be trusted. Username rightiho remarked: “Johnson had his chance.”

Username theliecatcher said: “Sunak has got a new and better deal – only slightly better but better than Johnson got nevertheless.”

And username Marnai added: “Rishi has improved Boris’s Brexit deal in a few months. Boris failed to improve it in two years.”

And username NorthernGeezer said: “Neither has delivered the Brexit 17.4 million of us voted for.”

Meanwhile, username prynne commented: “Brexit has been and gone. We aren’t in the EU anymore. It’s all about trade deals now.”

Other readers shared their thoughts on other candidates they trusted to deliver Brexit, like username LoveJaguars, who said: “Only can deliver the Brexit we voted for.”

And username stevedon99 said: “The only man I would trust to show the best of Brexit would be Richard Tice.”

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