Blog: Refusal to address Brexit has left voters like me politically homeless – The Independent

I write this with some despair: as somebody who campaigned to remain in the European Union in 2016, and has since become what certain quarters would label a “Remoaner” (a label I wear proudly), I now have no political home.

At a time of near-unprecedented national strife, it is clear that rejoining the EU is the one act that can transform this country and set it back on the road to prosperity. And yet – for reasons that are in equal parts baffling and infuriating – that is not an option that is being offered by any major political party.

Britain’s problems are seemingly caused by anything – anything – but Brexit. It seems Labour and the Lib Dems are so scarred by past electoral failures, and the Tories so frightened to point out how badly Brexit has gone, that we will not see any shift in their positions before the next general election. Which leaves voters like me in a pickle.

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