Blog: UN Summit LIVE: Truss blasts Putin’s ‘catastrophic failure’ in Ukraine in stirring speech | Politics | News | – Express

Ms Truss said: “In the face of rising aggression we have shown we have the power to act and the resolve to see it through. But this must not be a one-off.

“This must be a new era in which we commit to ourselves, our citizens, and this institution that we will do whatever it takes – whatever it takes to deliver for our people and defend our values.”

Ms Truss praised the “brave, dignified” Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska, who is attending the summit in New York.

The Prime Minister also drew an explicit link between the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis facing the UK and countries across Europe, as she promised not to be “coerced or harmed” by cutting off “toxic power and pipelines” from authoritarian regimes.

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