Blog: British expats slam Spanish authorities over driving licence chaos – ‘can’t blame Brexit’ – Express

The British authorities are currently locked in with officials to deal with the recognition of UK-issued . Since May, Britons living in Spain have been banned from using their UK driving licences on Spanish roads.

It is estimated that almost 200,000 British nationals live in Spain, with holidaymakers spared from the new rule changes.

In the years before, living in Spain were able to use their -issued licences.

Most other European countries have now agreed a deal, with Spain still not having a deal.

The “Brits in Spain” Facebook page has been updated to provide more information about the driving licence negotiations.

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Many commenters and expats have expressed their concerns about a lack of an update, with it being almost three weeks since the last statement.

The British Embassy and Consulate page said: “Please be assured that work continues intensively between the British and Spanish authorities, even when we don’t post. 

“And, of course, the events of last week overtook all of our communications.

“We recognise that the negotiations are taking longer than we anticipated and longer than either you or we want. 

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Many in the comments were frustrated with the update, saying that it had taken far too long to reach a conclusion.

One commenter, Colin Wilson, highlighted how every EU country (apart from Italy) accepts British driving licence for residents of EU countries.

He added: “These ongoing and seemingly endless negotiations are grossly unfair, and constitute a massive denigration of our EU residents’ rights. 

“Disappointed isn’t the word, for my feelings towards the British Embassy in Madrid.”

Another driver, Edward Lambert, said: “This update is definitely a backward step, saying if you must drive take a test which may take up to three months suggests 2023 before any of us are driving.

“Absolutely no comments on why they can’t get a temporary extension to drive like was happening before.”

Janet Elizabeth Kay Cox claimed: “It must be a Spanish problem since this issue isn’t affecting British citizens emigrating to other EU countries.

“Blaming this on Brexit is disingenuous. It’s the Spanish Government taking advantage of Brexit to be stubborn. Other EU countries have been more gracious.”

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