Blog: They want us to fail! Remainers slamming UK’s deal with Indiana bitter of Brexit’s success – Express

The UK last month signed its first state-level Memorandum of Understanding with Indiana, an act the Government describe as a “milestone” in trade relations with the US. This is set to remove red tape on trade and investment and, according to International Trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan, “help deliver value to UK businesses and support our areas of shared interest, such as levelling up”.

The Bruges Group think tank Director Robert Oulds suggested the deal would be the “first of many” and could lead to a US-wide agreement.

The state already buys more than £1billion worth of goods from the UK annually and this agreement “will act as a springboard to grow this even further”, the Government said.

News of the agreement was quickly jumped on by some Remainers as evidence of desperation by Boris Johnson’s Government because it was unable to secure a pan-USA free trade deal.

US President Joe Biden has played down the chances of signing an agreement since taking office.

Disputes over the Northern Ireland Protocol has been touted as a bump in the road towards such a deal.

Academic Chris Grey mocked the new Indiana deal, claiming it “shows how the benefits of Brexit have proved so illusory that such paper-thin triumphs are all that are left from the grand promises of 2016”.

Mr Oulds – an outspoken proponent of Brexit – rubbished this “pessimism” and insisted some Remainers do not want to see the UK prosper outside of the EU.

He told “This trade deal with Indiana shows that America is open for business for British companies and that will go from strength to strength as Britain moves away from the EU.

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“Brexit gives UK people and companies the opportunities to sell their goods and services to many nations around the world and this will continue to grow.

“This deal is a great sign to show how nimble Britain can be and many others will follow soon no doubt.

“I think those who are so pessimistic (about the UK’s chances outside of Europe) need to look at themselves.

“I suspect that they don’t want their country to do well. I suspect that many Remainers don’t want Brexit Britain doing well under any circumstances.

“They are somehow embarrassed by Britain excelling as we have often done. They think there is something wrong with this country.

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“I think that there is a lot right with it and we are going to do really well in the future and those who are optimistic will take advantage of these challenges.”

He spoke as incoming EU travel authorisation system ETIAS said that increased red tape for Britons travelling to the EU will make it “just as easy” to travel to the US.

It explained that removing barriers to trade with the US and increasing them with the EU will only serve to push the UK further away from the Eurozone.

Additional reporting by Oliver Pritchard-Jones.

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