Blog: There’s no fishing in Norway for the boat Brexit forgot – The Times

A boat responsible for catching a tenth of the fish in Britain’s fish-and-chip shops has been stuck in port in Hull, East Yorkshire, since December 5.

This week the Kirkella should be on its way to Norwegian waters for the best fishing of the year, but it is trapped because the UK has no post-Brexit deal with Norway.

The trawler fishes for cod and haddock in what are known as distant waters. Its catch supplies 8%-12% of fish used by fish-and-chip outlets — up to about 700 tons per trip, depending on quotas. Now imports from Norway and Iceland are expected to close the gap.

Brexit: The future of fishing

Previously, the Kirkella fished under an agreement between Norway and the EU, but now the UK is an independent coastal

Blog: Merkel on the brink: Appoint Merz or risk Germany being CRUSHED by post-Brexit UK – MEP – Daily Express

yesterday narrowly lost out to Armin Laschet in the CDU leadership contest, putting the latter in pole position to replace Mrs Merkel as Chancellor when she steps down later this year. , who had backed Mr Merz for the top job, accused ’s supporters of engineering his defeat – while warning the German Chancellor she could not afford to ignore him, but should instead offer him the powerful position of Minister of the Economy.

Mr Laschet, Prime Minister of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region, is regarded as the Merkel continuity candidate.

He defeated Mr Merz, who was pushed out of his role as CDU parliamentary leader by Mrs Merkel in 2002, prompting a rift which persists to this day, by 521 votes to 466 in the second round of voting among 1,001 delegates to a specially convened online congress to decide the issue.

Nevertheless Mr Henkel, who stepped down from the European Parliament in 2019, believes the 65-year-old successful businessman, who has not been a member of the Bundestag since 2009, remains a crucial figure who must not be sidelined.

He told yesterday: “Merz was clearly blocked by Merkel’s following.

“Still in November, Merz had a huge lead in the polls and among the party delegates.

“That’s why Merkel’s troops used all sorts of tricks and excuses to delay the vote.”

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By pushing back the scheduled vote, Mrs Merkel had been able to boost Mr Laschet’s chances while hampering those of Mr Merz, Mr Henkel explained.

He added: “Merkel’s closest advisor Helge Braun, Germany’s Minister of Special Affairs, came out publicly to endorse Laschet, and a number of Prime Ministers close to Merkel, too.

“Since Laschet had a public office he used this to constantly present himself in the media.”

Mr Henkel suggested Mr Merz how had two options.

He explained: “Either he waits for an attractive ministerial post in the next Government for instance as Minister of the economy or he steps aside completely.

“I am in favour of the first because as a result of Corona, Trump and Brexit Germany is losing its economic position quickly.

“Merz would be the only leading CDU person with business experience.”

Mr Henkel was elected as an MEP for Alternative for Germany (AfD) in 2014, before quitting the party the following year after the election of the right-wing Frauke Petry as leader, concerned by its consequent dramatic shift to the right.

He warned: “Next to Merkel, the AfD is the real winner of Laschet’s victory.

“Only the liberal-conservative Merz would have been able to check this right wing party.

“I am sure they will open a few bottles of champagne tonight.”

Speaking after the announcement of the result, Mr Merz himself echoed the words of Mr Henkel, saying: “I offered the new party chairman to join the current federal government and take over the Federal Ministry of Economics.”

Mr Merz claimed he had been offered the role by Mr Laschet – but Mrs Merkel’s office responded a statement saying:”The Chancellor is not planning any government reshuffle.”

Peter Altmaier currently occupies the role – and Marco Wanderwitz, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Government’s Eastern Commissioner, tweeted: “@peteraltmaier does a great job as Federal Minister of Economics. No need for applicants.”

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg)

Blog: Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson’s Tories given boost in poll after securing Brexit trade deal – Daily Express

In Survation’s first voter intention poll of the year, Conservatives maintain a small lead over Labour, by 40 percent to 38 percent with the Tories jumping one point since the week commencing December 22. Mr Johnson is still favoured as the Prime Minister against his counterpart (39% compared to Sir Keir’s 37%), however, the survey also found an eight-point reduction since December in his overall leadership approval ratings with a net rating now of -8.

This is compared to Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer who had a one-point drop since December, but maintains a +8 net rating.

Mr Johnson claimed Britain would prosper outside of the EU with the trade deal with the EU, adding as a deal was secured at Christmas: “We have taken back control of our laws and our destiny.”

European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen added of the deal: “This was a long and winding road but we have got a good deal to show for it.”

The EU chief said the deal was “fair” and “balanced” and it was now “time to turn the page and look to the future”.

Survation interviewed 1,033 adults over 18 years old between January 12 to 13.


8am update: Government publishes post-Brexit checklist for firms 

The Government has published a checklist for firms to help them avoid any disruption to their business now that the UK has left the EU.

The Business Department has also launched videos covering new rules on trade and data.

The checklist covers goods requiring extra papers, work permits and visas to travel to the EU on business, and applying to become a licensed sponsor to hire skilled staff from the EU.

Business Minister Paul Scully said: “The UK is finally out of the EU single market and customs union, and business is changing.”

Blog: Prominent pro-Brexit website loses its .eu domain name – The Brussels Times

A website prominent in the campaign to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, Leave.EU, this week saw its domain name suspended, as .eu domains are restricted to users within the EU.

To make matters worse for the site’s backers, the man who is listed as the site’s owner, a businessman from Waterford in Ireland, has denied any knowledge of the political group, and says his name was used without his permission.

The top-level domain .eu can only be used by individuals or organisations registered in the EU, which is the reason why the domain changed its registration in the run-up to the end of 2019, when the change came into effect. The site is now registered in Ireland without the knowledge of the man listed as its owner.

Businessman Sean Power told the Guardian last week, “My lawyers are looking into this on my behalf presently and will be in touch as deemed necessary in due course.”

The question was raised by Irish MP Neale Richmond in a letter to the country’s telecommunications asking it to investigate how it was possible to hijack someone’s identity in this way.

It is utterly ridiculous to think that Leave.EU could brass-plate an address in Waterford to maintain their domain name,” Richmond said on Friday. “They wanted to leave the EU, they have, that means they leave their domain too.”

The lobby group Leave.EU was originally set up by businessman Aaron Banks, who used part of his personal fortune to lobby for Brexit.

The site remains down this morning, but the group said it was confident the matter would soon be resolved.

We’ll be back up soon. Our lawyers will be taking action against those (and they know who they are) who have broken those delicious EU laws they love so much,” Andy Wigmore, communications director for the campaign group, told the Guardian.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

Blog: EU panic: Brexit trade deal’s ‘extreme fragility’ sparks fears of revolt from EU fishermen – Daily Express

Liam Campling, Professor of International Business and Development at Queen Mary University, argued that Boris Johnson‘s agreed Brexit trade deal remains extremely fragile. During an interview with, Professor Campling noted that this fragility could result in instability for the EU fishing industry. He noted that EU is wary changes in British politics could result in the UK reneging on the agreed fishing deal.

Sudden changes to the agreement could result in frustrations from the EU fishing industry and its fishermen and result in heated discussions between the UK and the bloc.

Professor Campling said: “I don’t think there are huge shocks for the EU side that I am aware of.

“The biggest problem I am imagining is the concern that this deal is extremely fragile.

“Also political movements in Britain may result in reneging on the deal and thereby making EU fishers access unstable.

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“This could have the possible negative effect of fisheries trade conflicts between the EU and the UK into the future.

“That is not going to be good for anybody.”

Professor Campling also criticised Boris Johnson’s Government for their failings in the Brexit deal regarding fishing.

He said: “Regardless of one’s political persuasion, the Government has not come through on what it said it would do on fisheries. 

“The reason why this has happened is because it has not paid attention to the details.

“Of course there are people working like crazy in Government divisions and running across their desks, I am not referring to those people.

“I am referring to the political parts of this country that seems to think it is able to gain in international relations purely through confidence tricks.

“Unfortunately that is just not how the world works.” 


UK Fishing plea: Our trawlermen can survive for a few weeks but no more [REACTION]
Brexit fury: Boris Johnson urged to ‘stop trawling’ of EU boats [INSIGHT]
You blew it, Boris! UK fisherman rages at ‘crushed dreams’ in bad deal [VIDEO]

Fishermen from all across the UK have argued against Boris Johnson’s fishing deal and insisted it jeopardises the future of the industry. 

Fishing for Leave’s Aaron Brown argued that dreams have been crushed by Boris Johnson’s Brexit fishing deal when he spoke to Brexit Unlocked.

Mr Brown insisted the Government should have opted for a Norway fishing type deal.

He concluded Boris Johnson had blown his chance of making the most out of Brexit deal for fishermen.

He said: “Not only have we left a huge amount of our resources behind, but we have also left behind the ability to claw that back.

“That is full independence what I am talking about because of course, Norway has full independence.

“Norway just says ‘sorry boys, we are not happy with that agreement, call us when you want to be sensible.

“They say ‘none of your boats are coming into our waters’.

“Because EU boats need Norwegian waters and because the EU consumers need Norwegian fish, the EU generally comes to a heel or compromise.”

The fishing deal reached as part of the trade negotiations will see the UK regain control of 25 percent of waters currently open to EU fishermen.

The repatriation of the quotas however will take place gradually, with further negotiations scheduled to take place in 2026.