Blog: Four day week, recession fears, Brexit and banking: The top five business news stories on City A.M. – City A.M.

Four day week, recession fears, Brexit and banking: The top five business news stories on City A.M.

Business news: Banking, recession, the four day week and Brexit were the most read stories this week

This week started off with markets trying to settle themselves after the chaos in the banking sector, so attention turned to work itself and the idea of a four-day week made for one of the most read stories online.

Along with that story here are the four others that were the top five read business news stories on City A.M. during the last seven days.

One: UK recession still on the cards after aggressive Bank of England interest rate hikes

Will it or won’t it? The UK economy go into recession that is. By Friday we had our answer, with GDP up slightly at 0.1 per cent but for most of the week speculation built with particular attention around potential rate rises.

Two: FTSE 100: Deutsche Bank surges while Barclays and HSBC yank London index higher

The banking sector remained closely watched and subject to investor speculation, although some of the volatility of the last few weeks eased off it was Deutsche Bank’s turn in the spotlight.


Three Brexit deal DONE: Sunak’s Windsor Framework signed off as UK and EU look for better relationship

Although it was signed last week, readers continued to show interest in the Windsor Framework which marked the end of another Brexit loose end.

Four: City of London chiefs: We’ve lost our undisputed global finance crown   

After Arm pulled its London listing plans, fears have been growing for the status of the City as one of the world’s financial capitals and many business leaders are now asking the government for more support.

Five: Four day week? Sure – but you better be in on a Monday, say bosses  

The four-day week obviously intrigues most readers, so it was no surprise this story made it onto the best read list.

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