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Rishi Sunak has insisted his new plan to increase the UK’s energy security and boost the net zero drive will lead to a reduction in household bills. 

Told that critics had labelled the plan a “rehash” of past Government announcements, the Prime Minister told broadcasters: “Over the last year we have all seen the impact of the war in Ukraine on energy bills and that is why the Govt has taxed the windfall profits of energy companies, used that money to help pay around half of a typical family’s energy bill. 

“But I think we all know that that is just a short term solution. What we need is actually a long term plan to ensure our energy security and get our bills down and make sure this never happens again. 

“That is why I created a brand new department for energy security, today we are announcing more investment in renewables… as we deliver on that we are going to create jobs across the country, we are going to increase our energy security, reduce people’s bills and reduce our carbon emissions.” 

The Government today published a package of measures designed to make the nation’s energy supply more resilient and greener. 

The changes include overhauling planning rules to speed up the building of new wind turbines and solar panels, backing projects to capture carbon underground and produce clean hydrogen, and encouraging households to ditch natural gas boilers in favour of electric-powered heat pumps. 

The measures are viewed in Whitehall as a critical step along the path to hitting the Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 but Labour labelled the plan a “weak and feeble groundhog day of re-announcements”.

You can follow the latest updates below. 

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