Blog: Watch: Sunak faces committee questions on Budget, Brexit, and small boats – The Independent

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Watch live as Rishi Sunak faces questioning by the Liaison Committee on Tuesday, 28 March.

Chaired by Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin, the panel will ask the prime minister about the Budget and economic issues, migrants arriving to the UK on small boats, and the Windsor Framework.

All chairs from the House of Commons select committees are included in the Liaison Committee, which questions the prime minister on policy approximately three times a year.

Among MPs grilling Mr Sunak on his policies will be Caroline Nokes, a Tory MP who has voiced her opposition to the government’s Illegal Migration Bill.

The MP for Romsey and Southampton North previously described the bill as “horrendous.”

Questioning Mr Sunak on the legal agreement between the UK and the EU will be hardline Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash.

Labour Treasury select committee chairwoman Harriet Baldwin will ask Mr Sunak questions on the economy, following the Budget.

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