Blog: ‘Left-wing’ Google AI chatbot thinks Brexit was ‘bad idea’ – The Telegraph

Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot Bard has been accused of Left-wing bias after calling Brexit a “bad idea” and saying the UK “would have been better off” staying in the EU.

It claims Labour has a long history of fighting for equality while the Tories “have a long history of supporting the wealthy and powerful”. It also seems to supports trans women, thinks Jeremy Hunt is “unimaginative”, and appreciates Jeremy Corbyn’s genuineness.

Bard, much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is a large language model that creates unique responses to questions based on the vast amounts of data it has been trained on. 

However, it does not have the ability to think or for unique thought, and factual errors are known to be a flaw. Bard was released early following the huge success and acclaim of ChatGPT, and is still in an experimental state.

Experts believe the fact it is not yet a polished piece of technology may be the reason for the strong opinions generated.

Computer scientists have long grappled with how to produce an unbiased piece of technology when the databases used to train them often have their own inherent leanings. 

The Mail on Sunday used Google Bard, a tool accessible to the public and set to be integrated further into the Google suite of applications, including search, and asked it to answer various questions. The newspaper reported that Bard said Brexit “was a bad idea” and gave some praise to Mr Corbyn, the former Labour leader. 

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