Blog: King Charles left disappointed after being unable to back UKs Brexit reset with France – Geo News

King Charles is disappointed at cancellation of his visit to France, reported citing a palace source.

The publication reported that the monarch was disappointed  he will be unable to support the UK’s Brexit reset with France.

The source said, “The King is naturally very disappointed at the cancellation of his and the Queen Consort’s visit to France.”

The source added, “He was looking forward to meeting with President Macron a great deal and hearing from him how our two great nations are working together to increase our ties even further.”

It was to be the king’s first visit abroad since he became the monarch.

The Daily Express reported that the king had been hoping to strengthen diplomatic ties with President Macron after a deal on the Brexit Windsor Framework was reached a few weeks ago.

The trip was postponed two days before it was to begin due to the ongoing violent protests over pension reforms in France.

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