Blog: Brexit vote results in full: Every MP that voted against Rishi Sunak – Did yours rebel? – Express

Ahead of the vote, the European Research Group (ERG) of Conservative Brexiteers said it was “strongly recommending” its members oppose the regulations.

Labour offered its backing in the vote on the brake aspect of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal.

The mechanism would allow MLAs in the Stormont Assembly to formally flag concerns about the imposition of new EU laws in Northern Ireland – a move that could see the UK Government veto their introduction in the region.

Speaking in the Commons today, Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris told MPs: “Without this measure, Northern Ireland would continue to have full and automatic dynamic alignment with EU goods rules with no say for the Northern Ireland Assembly and no veto for amending or replacing those measures.

“That is an intolerable situation and I urge all MPs to vote to end that full and automatic dynamic alignment.”

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