Blog: Brexit: MPs back Stormont Brake as part of Sunak’s new NI deal – BBC

If you have your ear to the ground you’ll know that all the action is going on in one of Westminster’s committee rooms, where Boris Johnson is being grilled about whether he intentionally misled Parliament over lockdown parties.

Our colleagues have been following all the action live – you can join them here as they unravel the evidence that’s being presented.

On this page, now that we know who voted against the Stormont Brake element of the Windsor Framework deal, we’re going to wrap things up.

If you want a quick take on what happened in the Commons today, read this.

And if you want to read about the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland in more depth, there’s much more detail and analysis from our experts on our Brexit topic page and our Northern Ireland page.

Thanks for joining us, have a great afternoon.

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