Blog: PMQs latest: Sunak faces PMQs ahead of vote on his new Brexit deal – BBC

Northern Ireland Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris says he’s pleased to see “progress made” with today’s vote.

He says that the Stormont Brake “lies at the very heart of the Windsor Framework”.

In a statement, he says parliament has voted to support the framework and “approve the
Statutory Instrument related to the Stormont Brake”.

He adds that it “offers the best
deal for Northern Ireland, safeguarding its place in the union and addressing
the democratic deficit”.

voting in favour of the Stormont Brake, we have voted to ensure that the people
of Northern Ireland, through a restored Executive, will have full democratic
input to the laws that apply to them,” he adds.

Heaton-Harris says the Stormont Brake, along with other parts of the Windsor Framework, supports “stability and prosperity in
Northern Ireland”.

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