Blog: GSD says it cannot allow Government to use Brexit and Covid as … – GBC News

The GSD says it cannot allow the Government to use Brexit and Covid as excuses for not having completed affordable housing projects.

It says the whole episode is a dog’s dinner of incompetence and mismanagement.

The GSD says the GSLP liberals promised to deliver Hassan Centenary Terraces at the 2015 election, and in 2017, two years after Brexit, they said it would be completing the first phase in 2020, before the pandemic.

The Opposition says ahead of the 2019 election, the Government gave the impression everything was on track, boasting about the number of applications received for the project, as well as making announcements on the flats at Bob PelizaMews and Chatham. It says all this was after Brexit, and before the pandemic, and clearly used for electoral gain.

Spokesman Damon Bossino says all the developments are significantly delayed, with phase two of Hassan Centenary still needing a reclamation to be done.

He says the plight of purchasers has to be attended to with compassion and flexibility, not with a harsh application of the rules, for example with regard to the return of deposits if they want to move on with other plans as a result of the delays.

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