Blog: Full list: which MPs will vote against Sunak’s Brexit deal? – The Spectator

On Wednesday MPs will get the chance to register to vote on the ‘Stormont brake’ aspect of Rishi Sunak’s revised Brexit deal, with No. 10 treating this as a vote on the Windsor Framework as a whole. Labour have said that they will back the Conservatives in the voting lobbies so there is no danger of ministers losing the vote. However the government still hopes to keep the rebellion as small as possible. The DUP have now confirmed that all eight of their number will not support Sunak, with James Duddridge becoming the first Tory to add his name to that list.


  1. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
  2. Ian Paisley Jr
  3. Sammy Wilson
  4. Gregory Campbell
  5. Paul Girvan
  6. Jim Shannon
  7. Carla Lockhart
  8. Gavin Robinson

Conservatives who will vote against:

  1. James Duddridge: ‘I’m not going to negotiate away my principles, nor is the Government going to be able to polish a little brown thing’
  2. David Jones: ‘It’s creating a situation where the UK could be subject to all the obligations of EU membership without any benefits and there’s no purpose in doing that.’

Conservatives who have criticised the deal:

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  1. Boris Johnson: ‘I’m going to find it very difficult to vote for something like this’
  2. Nadine Dorries: ‘Huge quantities of smoke, mirrors and spin at play’
  3. John Redwood: ‘The agreement looks as if it leaves too many EU laws applying to Northern Ireland’
  4. Mark Francois: ‘The Stormont Brake is practically useless and the framework itself has no exit.’
  5. Jacob Rees-Mogg: I ‘will not find it possible to support his Majesty’s Government’
  6. Greg Smith: ‘This is status quo at best, potentially a step backwards’

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