Blog: Politics latest news: No 10 hits back at Nigel Farage over Brexit … – The Telegraph

Downing Street has hit back at Nigel Farage after he criticised Rishi Sunak’s Windsor Framework and claimed Brexit has still “not been completed”. 

Mr Farage, the honorary president of Reform UK, used a press conference this morning to criticise the record of successive Tory governments as he said EU regulations “have not been axed”, Northern Ireland has been “hived off” and “our borders are as open as they have literally ever been”.

He said: “Three and a half years on, Brexit has not been completed, we are still under the jurisdiction of a foreign court in Strasbourg, our borders are as open as they have literally ever been. We have a high tax, big state, low growth, low productivity society and our public services are fundamentally broken.”  

No10 rejected the criticism and said Mr Sunak’s Brexit deal will fix “longstanding problems” with border arrangements in Northern Ireland while regulations made in Brussels have been “reduced right down to the very minimum level”. 

The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman told reporters: “We think this delivers on fixing the longstanding problems which have hindered individuals and businesses and caused such problems both for Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole.

“With regards to EU regulations, these have been reduced right down to the very minimum level to ensure there is no border on the island of Ireland, and I think that is the overriding priority of all parties in protecting and securing the Good Friday Agreement.”

You can follow the latest updates below. 

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