Blog: Leo Varadkar thanks Joe Biden for support on Brexit in St Patrick’s Day meeting – Irish Examiner

The Taoiseach has met the US President at the White House in Washington DC, thanking Joe Biden for his work on Brexit.

Opening in Irish, Mr Varadkar said that he was delighted to be in the White House and was grateful for the US President’s support on Brexit and Ukraine

He said that the President’s support on Brexit had “made a real difference”, saying that Mr Biden had shown “understanding” of the issue.

Mr Varadkar said that the US had shown leadership on the war in Ukraine and that both sides would “stay the course”.

He said that he was looking forward to Mr Biden’s visit and that Ireland would “roll out the red carpet”.

Mr Biden said that St Patrick’s Day is a “big day” in his family and that he Mr Varadkar had been a “great friend to the United States”. He said that Mr Varadkar knew how many Americans look forward to St Patrick’s Day.

“We invite all the friends of Ireland and the members of Congress who are Irish and wish they were.”

Mr Biden said that he strongly supports the Windsor Framework and was “looking forward” to having a celebration. 

The framework seeks to remove post-Brexit trade barriers, creating a new system for the flow of goods into Northern Ireland.

Earlier, at a breakfast meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris, Mr Varadkar said he would not have gotten to where he is without America’s work on LGBT rights.

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