Blog: Budget 2023 LIVE: Hunt unleashes UK’s Brexit freedoms to slash price of pints in pubs | Politics – Express

Speaking on Tonight with Andrew Marr on LBC, Conservative MP Simon Clarke said: “I think a B + would be a very fair assessment of where the Government is today.

“I think we saw some genuinely meaningful offers to the public, including, notably, as you said, around childcare, which is a huge issue for people at all parts of the income spectrum. And that is an important and quite decisive intervention… Full expensing is an important and welcome change of policy.

“And I also think, on pensions, where it will be a lot easier for us to retain the experience public sector professionals, doctors, in particular, thanks to the abolition of the lifetime allowance on pensions, all of those are things which the Conservative Growth Group has been calling for, it will be less than gracious not to welcome them now they’ve happened.”

But he added that he was “disappointed” with the rise in corporation tax.

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