Blog: ‘Downton Abbey’ castle halts weddings due to Brexit –

Location: Highclere, England

The owner says the dearth of workers from the European Union

has made hosting large events at Highclere Castle challenging

[Fiona Carnarvon, Owner of Highclere Castle]

”There are no staff and we can’t run a wedding for 120 people with four people and the rest of us running around. It is serious and I don’t know when it’s going to change.”//We cannot find them (staff). When we go to our usual agencies, and try to find people – they are not there. If we ask for 10, three might turn up. We’ve gone to all the local colleges, there’s nobody we haven’t asked.”’

Alongside being the backdrop for period film and television drama ‘Downton Abbey’

Highclere Castle used to hold around 25 weddings with more than 100 guests a season

“And this is of course the room where we used to hold wedding ceremonies. It’s just so beautiful.”

But since Britain left the European Union

a vital workforce of EU students attending university in the UK is no longer available

“”We are wrapped in red tape now in every piece of our business that we do. It’s a very challenging world. So

therefore our business revenues have decreased, the VAT decreases, the tax decreases as we all try to keep going and we’re paying more money for electricity, which is fine like everyone else. But the the size of our economy is visibly decreasing, if we are any sort of example.”

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