Blog: House GOP plots crypto overhaul – POLITICO – POLITICO

Fed Chair Jerome Powell, testifying on Capitol Hill this week, suggested it would be a good idea for Congress to weigh in. | Francis Chung/POLITICO

House Republicans are ramping up work on a comprehensive plan to revamp cryptocurrency regulation, a key lawmaker in the effort said Wednesday.

What’s happening: GOP members of the House Financial Services Committee have started to float smaller, more targeted crypto proposals that may get a vote later this month. But Rep. French Hill, the Arkansas Republican who leads the panel’s digital assets subcommittee, said in an interview that the longer-term plan is to go bigger.

“We’re working on a comprehensive regulatory framework that goes beyond the bills,” Hill said. “We’re going to spend March and April in a significant effort on listening to stakeholders in the digital assets arena [and] considering other legislative proposals. So that’ll be our principle work plan for the next two months.”

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