Blog: Effects of Brexit have become clearer for UK growers –

In the years since Britain voted to leave the EU, many Eastern Europeans have left the country. This led to a shortfall of about 330,000 workers. Two years after Britain left the European Union’s economic area, the effects of Brexit are unfolding across the economy. One of the clearest is the shortfall of these workers, mostly in less-skilled jobs, including transportation, retail, and hospitality.

That lack of workers has hit the food and farming sectors particularly hard. Last year, 22 million pounds (about $27 million) worth of fruit and vegetables went unharvested, according to a survey by the National Farmers’ Union. In the survey, 40 percent of respondents said they had suffered crop losses, and more than half said they had cut back production.

Currently, opinion polls show that Britons’ sentiments have begun to shift against Brexit, as business owners cite difficulty in finding workers, as well as thorny trade issues and what they describe as onerous paperwork requirements.


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