Blog: MPs seek farmers’ views on Brexit trade failings – FarmersWeekly

A cross-party group of MPs has called on farmers to take part in a consultation on the impact of Brexit on rural businesses.

The UK Trade and Business Commission (UKTBC) is made up of 10 MPs who work with industry experts to scrutinise international agreements.

A spokesman said the commission’s consultation was in response to estimates suggesting the UK gross domestic product (GDP) had shrunk by 5.5% since Brexit.

Figures released this week also revealed that Brexit was directly responsible for a shortfall of 330,000 EU workers, with some industries suffering shortages of 8%.

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The spokesman said the consultation aimed to address these issues and put the challenges facing the farming sector at the heart of a new trading framework.

It will include guidelines for future trade negotiations to ensure opportunities do not come at the cost of existing British industries.

The UKTBC will then pressure the government to adopt the proposals and commit to supporting the farming sector.

Labour MP Hilary Benn, co-convener of the commission, said: “It is clear that Brexit and its subsequent trade deals have created many more problems for UK businesses than opportunities.  

“This consultation will enable the day-to-day experience of British firms to influence proposals for a new trading relationship.”

Urging farmers to get involved, he added: “We are looking for answers to immediate problems and ideas for future trade agreements.”

Written evidence can be submitted through the UK Trade and Business Commission online portal

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