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During the fourth quarter of 2022, changes in Danaher Corporation's ("Danaher"
or the "Company") internal organization resulting from the rate of growth within
certain of the Company's businesses in the former Life Sciences segment resulted
in changes in the composition of the Company's reportable segments. On January
18, 2023, the Company made available in the Investor Relations section of, under the heading "Financial Reports", unaudited historical
financial data that has been recast to reflect the four business segments that
constitute the Company's new segment reporting structure: Biotechnology; Life
Sciences; Diagnostics; and Environmental & Applied Solutions. The Company
previously reported its operations under three business segments: Life Sciences;
Diagnostics; and Environmental & Applied Solutions. The Company's Annual Report
on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2022 will also reflect this new
segment reporting structure.

The change in segment reporting will be reflected retrospectively, but in no way
revises or restates any Consolidated Statements of Earnings, Consolidated
Balance Sheets, Consolidated Statements of Shareholders' Equity or Consolidated
Statements of Cash Flows for the Company for any period previously filed with
the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Below are descriptions of the two new segments, Biotechnology and Life Sciences,
which together previously constituted the former Life Sciences segment.


The Biotechnology segment includes the Company’s bioprocessing and discovery and
medical businesses.

Bioprocessing - The bioprocessing business is a leading provider of
technologies, consumables, services and solutions that advance, accelerate and
integrate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. These therapeutics
include protein-based and other biological therapies as well as a new emerging
class of highly-targeted therapies such as cell and gene therapies, nucleic
acid-based therapies, and others requiring viral vectors and lipid nanoparticles
in their manufacture. The business offers tools, solutions and services to
support biomanufacturers across their workflows from the earliest stages of
process development to large scale commercial and turn-key manufacturing. The
bioprocessing business' offering includes cell line and cell culture media
development services; cell culture media, process liquids and buffers for
manufacturing, chromatography resins, filtration technologies, aseptic fill
finish, as well as single-use hardware and consumables and services such as the
design and installation of full manufacturing suites. The bioprocessing
business' offering in data connectivity and automation, advanced process
training, process development services and equipment services for maintaining
continuous performance, all help to ensure customers' processes are optimized
and compliant. Typical users of these products and services include
pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, translational medicine
institutions, biotechnology companies and contract manufacturing organizations.

Discovery and Medical - The discovery and medical business is a leading provider
of solutions to accelerate biotherapeutic research and discovery through high
quality sample preparation, and reliable diagnostic assays in addition to
ensuring sterility and safety in medical liquids and gasses. The business
provides solutions and technologies for: lab filtration, separation, and
purification; lab-scale protein purification and analytical tools to support
bio-molecular analysis, identification, and characterization; reagents,
membranes and services for diagnostic and assay development; and healthcare
filtration solutions for drug delivery and patient care that help minimize
patient risk from viral infections in clinical settings. Typical users of these
products include professionals in the areas of academic, translational and
commercial research, medical diagnostics, clinical care and biopharmaceutical

The businesses in Danaher’s Biotechnology segment market their products and
services under several key brands including CYTIVA and PALL.

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences segment consists of the following businesses:

Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Lab Automation, Centrifugation, Particle Counting and
Characterization-The business offers workflow instruments and consumables that
help researchers analyze genomic, protein and cellular information. Key product
areas include sample preparation equipment such as centrifugation and
consumables; liquid handling automation instruments and associated consumables;
flow cytometry instrumentation and associated antibodies and reagents; particle
counting and characterization instrumentation; and genomic sample preparation.
Researchers use these products to study biological function in the pursuit of
basic research, as well as therapeutic and diagnostic development. Typical users
include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, medical
schools and research institutions and in some cases industrial manufacturers.


Mass Spectrometry-The mass spectrometry business is a leading global provider of
high-end mass spectrometers as well as related consumables, software and
services. Mass spectrometry is a technique for identifying, analyzing and
quantifying elements, chemical compounds and biological molecules, individually
or in complex mixtures. The mass spectrometers utilize various combinations of
quadrupole, time-of-flight and ion trap technologies. The business' mass
spectrometer systems and related products are used in numerous applications such
as drug discovery and clinical development of therapeutics as well as in basic
research, clinical testing, food and beverage quality testing and environmental
testing. The business' global services network provides implementation,
validation, training and maintenance to support customer installations around
the world. Typical users of these mass spectrometry and related products include
molecular biologists, bioanalytical chemists, toxicologists and forensic
scientists as well as quality assurance and quality control technicians. The
business also provides high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems,
including capillary electrophoresis instruments, associated reagents, software
and services. Typical users of these capillary electrophoresis instruments and
related products are bioanalytical chemists and quality control technicians
engaged in the development and manufacture of new biotherapeutics.

Microscopy-The microscopy business is a leading global provider of professional
microscopes designed to capture, manipulate and preserve images and enhance the
user's visualization and analysis of microscopic structures. The Company's
microscopy products include laser scanning (confocal) microscopes, compound
microscopes and related equipment, surgical and other stereo microscopes and
specimen preparation products for electron microscopy. Typical users of these
products include research, medical and surgical professionals operating in
research and pathology laboratories, academic settings and surgical theaters.

Industrial Filtration-The filtration, separation and purification technologies
business is a leading provider of products used to remove solid, liquid and
gaseous contaminants from a variety of liquids and gases in industrial settings,
primarily through the sale of filtration consumables and to a lesser extent
systems that incorporate filtration consumables and associated hardware. The
business' core materials and technologies can be applied in many ways to solve
complex fluid separation challenges, and are sold across a wide array of
applications. Virtually all of the raw materials, process fluids and waste
streams that are found in industry are candidates for multiple stages of
filtration, separation and purification. In addition, most of the machines used
in complex production processes require filtration to protect sensitive parts
from degradation due to contamination. The business' technologies enhance the
quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes and prolong equipment life in
applications such as microelectronics, aircraft, oil refineries, power
generation turbines, petrochemical plants and food and beverage plants. Within
these segments, demand is driven by end-users and original equipment
manufacturers seeking to improve product performance, increase production and
efficiency, reduce operating costs, extend the life of their equipment, conserve
water and meet environmental regulations. The business also serves the
filtration needs of the food and beverage markets, helping customers ensure the
quality and safety of their products while lowering operating costs and
minimizing waste.

Genomic Consumables-The genomic consumables businesses are leading providers of
custom nucleic acid products for the life sciences industry, primarily through
the manufacture of custom DNA and RNA oligonucleotides and gene fragments
utilizing a proprietary manufacturing ecosystem. The businesses have developed
proprietary technologies for genomics applications such as next generation
sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, qPCR, and RNA interference. Additionally, the
businesses are a leading manufacturer of high-quality plasmid DNA, RNA and
proteins. These products are used in the research, development and manufacture
of gene and cell therapies, DNA and RNA vaccines and gene editing technologies.
Typical users of these products include professionals in the areas of academic
and commercial research, agriculture, medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical
development, biotechnology companies and research institutions across discovery,
clinical and commercial applications.

The businesses in Danaher’s Life Sciences segment market their products and
services under key brands including ALDEVRON, BECKMAN COULTER, IDT, LEICA

The Diagnostics and Environmental & Applied Solutions businesses remain
unchanged from the discussion in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for
the year ending December 31, 2021.

This information shall not be deemed "filed" for purposes of Section 18 of the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), or
incorporated by reference in any filing under the Securities Act of 1933, as
amended, or the Exchange Act, except as shall be expressly set forth by specific
reference in such a filing.



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