Blog: Stay Up-to-Date on Evolving Regulations and Other Developments … –

New York businesses have to abide by many regulations governing business operations and employment practices. These regulations impose obligations with regard to treatment and handling of clients, customers, shareholders and investors as well as their workforce. Regulations continually evolve, whether in response to changing technological and business conditions or even political changes in legislative and executive levels of government, making the need for businesses to stay abreast of the regulatory changes essential for their ongoing and successful business operations.

At Annual Meeting 2023, the NYSBA Business Law Section will review and attempt to provide practitioners with understanding of the regulatory changes affecting New York businesses. The program will be hybrid, providing those ready and wanting to connect in person the opportunity to do so over a pre-program lunch and then to stay to participate in the remainder of the program side-by-side with other practitioners (and some panelists) while also allowing those not yet wanting or able to be in such a setting to virtually learn from and engage with the panelists in real time. At the outset of the meeting, the section will announce and honor the recipient of the David S. Caplan Award for Meritorious Service recognizing commitment and service to the Business Law Section and its members. We will also ask the section members in attendance to approve the new slate of the section’s Committee chairs and the full slate of Executive Committee members proposed by our section’s Nominating Committee.

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