Blog: Is Rishi Sunak finally getting Brexit done? | News | The Sunday Times – The Times

When James Cleverly, the foreign secretary, and Maros Sefcovic, the European Union’s point man on Brexit, agreed a data-sharing deal on Monday, it was a technical breakthrough. It also showed a transformation in political goodwill between the two sides.

The deal, which will let the EU monitor, remotely and in real time, the flow of goods from Great Britain into Northern Ireland, was finalised at Lancaster House in London in a “cordial” atmosphere built, in the case of Cleverly and Sefcovic, on unusual foundations. “They are both great fans of Yes Minister,” a British political source said. “They have a very good relationship.”

This mutual admiration of the classic 1980s Whitehall sitcom seems apt, since Britain’s Brexit deals with Brussels — and the Good Friday

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