Blog: No Channel migrants deported to France under post-Brexit returns policy – The Times

Britain has not deported a single Channel migrant to France under its post-Brexit returns policy, Home Office figures have revealed.

The government introduced new immigration rules in January last year that allows it to declare asylum seekers “inadmissible” if they have travelled through a safe third country where they could have applied for asylum.

However, in the 21 months since the rules were introduced, only 83 asylum seekers were served with inadmissible decisions.

The figures published by the Home Office expose the failure of the “inadmissibility” rules to help tackle the Channel migrant crisis


Of those, just 21 have been returned, and none were returned to France. This is despite the vast majority of the 70,000 migrants who have crossed the Channel in small boats setting off from northern France.

Immigration experts have pointed out that the rules are meaningless unless the government has the co-operation

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