Blog: Migration figures soar above pre-Brexit levels after Braverman admits UK border ‘failure’ – Express

Yesterday, Ms Braverman told MPs: “We have failed to control our borders. That’s why I and the Prime Minister are absolutely determined to fix this problem.”

The statistics published today also show that there are still 9,242 Afghan refugees in hotels – 15 months after the evacuation.

Just this morning, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove defended Home Secretary Ms Braverman, saying she is doing a “good job”.

Speaking to GB News, he added: “Yes actually, I believe that Suella is doing what is necessary in order to ensure effective and appropriate border controls and deal with the question of asylum and migration.”

GB News presenter Isabel Webster challenged Mr Gove on what she described as a “woeful” performance from Ms Braverman at the Home Affairs Select Committee yesterday.

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