Blog: Kwarteng’s mini-budget damaged UK credibility, says Sir Dave Ramsden – The Times

The UK’s economic credibility “has taken a hit” after the chaotic mini-budget, a deputy governor of the Bank of England has admitted, adding that the demise of Liz Truss means that policymakers were now “allowed to get on with our jobs”.

Sir Dave Ramsden, deputy governor at the Bank in charge of markets, said that despite the recent fall in bond yields and strengthening of the pound, “there is no doubt that our reputation has taken a hit as an economic policymaking jurisdiction” after the previous government’s tax-cutting plans.

In a veiled rebuke of the former prime minister and Kwasi Kwarteng, her chancellor, Ramsden said that institutions such as the Treasury, the Bank’s monetary policy committee (MPC) and the Office for Budget Responsibility were now

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