Blog: If the Tories unpick Brexit they’re toast, blasts ANN WIDDECOMBE – Express

Diehard Remainers such as Jeremy Hunt believe that the British public blame Brexit for the current economic mess (caused almost entirely by Covid and the war in Ukraine) and will be softened up for accepting EU interference.

In the 2019 leadership election, Boris Johnson warned that Hunt would “slip-slide” out of Brexit and he was only too darn right. Hunt has been Chancellor for five minutes and is already doing just that. I am beginning to think we should re-constitute the Brexit Party. Better still, get Lord Frost in No 10.

Worse, the Government is being disingenuous in its denials. We have been assured that “There is no question of the single market or the customs union”. Presumably, they think we are too daft to notice the omission of the ECJ. One of the strongest reasons for Brexit was to control our own laws and that means getting ourselves right outside any jurisdiction by the ECJ.

We are told we need trade deals with the EU as if we didn’t already have one! And that one, which is responsible for the Northern Ireland mess, is enough.

Hunt’s budget was designed to make sure that we would take no advantage of Brexit freedoms but would instead be an unattractive high-tax economy for any potential investors. Liz Truss tried to do the precise opposite but bungled it so badly that it has been easy for Hunt to take advantage of that for his own anti-Brexit purposes.

A week ago this would have sounded like Brexiteer paranoia but that leak had a purpose, which was probably to test public reaction. The hasty denials now uttered mean that reaction has saved Brexit. For now.

OBR needs to be more precise

The Office for Budget Responsibility says Brexit has had a negative impact on the economy. It has a duty to be rather more precise in its terms.

What it actually meant to say was that total failure to take advantage of Brexit freedoms has had a negative impact on our economy.

Well, naturally.

Rematch that nobody wants

If people despair of the quality of politicians in this country, they have only to look across the pond. The mere thought of another contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is the stuff of nightmares.

Trump is pro-British, pro-Brexit and pro-life so in all normal circumstances I would be cheering him on but there was nothing normal about the way he took defeat last time and no one who believes in democracy could want to see a repeat.

As for Biden, he is senile. The leader of the Western world can’t even pronounce the name of the British Prime Minister.

Why on earth can not a country the size of the USA produce high-quality candidates?

Sadly, it is probably because of the amount of money they need to stand.

Are our universities finally waking up from woke nightmare?

Professor Kathleen Stock, who was driven out of her job at Sussex University by trans activists, won a debate at the Cambridge Union, titled “This House believes in the right to offend”. That echoes the debate in 2019 when the Oxford Union voted by a huge margin (224 to 49) against no-platforming.

Those are welcome signs that plenty of young people recognise the dangers of the Woke tyranny but, of course, these are students who, by joining those prestigious debating societies, are already volunteering to hear views which go against their own.

Some of the wider student population can take a very different line and last weekend the outgoing vice-chancellor of Oxford University, Dame Louise Richardson, warned that they believe it is their right not to be offended.

That is a view which should be robustly resisted by every serious university in the country and belief in a right to free speech should be a pre-requisite for entry.

Law of the jungle is a total mess

I am still putting myself through the purgatory of watching I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, the most infantile programme shown outside the kids’ schedules.

How many more buckets of slime must we watch dropping on how many more heads? Now I am even more baffled by the evictions. When I was doing both Strictly and Big Brother, I could make a pretty good guess at who was going out next but the rationale of the voting on this programme eludes me.

How can a nasty person like Boy George (top), who judges others harshly but himself served a prison sentence for a horrible crime, survive but harmless souls like Scarlette (above) and Charlene get thrown out?

Don’t bother explaining – I do not need to know!

Bunch of wimps

On Sunday the inhabitants of the jungle in I’m A Celebrity… received letters from home. Cue tears and emoting and plenty of “aww”s. They wailed it had been so long to be apart.

It has been a blinking fortnight. Perhaps they should have tried the familial separation endured by most of the population in the last World War. Wimps!

Excuse doesn’t Wishy-Washy

A pantomime in the village of Ansty, which has apparently been a Christmas feature there for more than four decades, has been cancelled. As a result, the village hall and a couple of local charities will miss out on the proceeds.

The reason given is “unease about cultural sensitivity” after a complaint was received about the names of the laundry washers, Chop Chop and Wishy-Washy.

The panto, Aladdin, should be reinstated and the woke nincompoop ducked in the village pond.

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