Blog: ‘Brexit success and the stupidity of lockdown’ – Yahoo Eurosport UK

Brexit issues (Image: PA Wire/PA Images)

Jeff Williams (Dorset Echo, Monday November 21) serves to prove the point that, ‘there are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics’.

Amongst other little gems in railing against the Tories, he unsurprisingly criticises Brexit, writing of the financial damage done by our leaving the EU.

Financial figures show that to be a myth. Indeed, our billions paid in and a permanent deficit in trade figures have always made such claims insupportable.

Our membership was only gained (?) as a result of a loaded vote into what was then seen as a trading organisation and most definitely not the un-democratic Federal grouping into which it subsequently morphed.

His claim that the UK was under-prepared to meet the Covid epidemic is also fallacious: warnings were given years ago of such a calamity and the need for preparedness, especially for the stockpiling of PPE.

What was un-prepared was the NHS, which un-surprisingly, ignored the warnings, leading to the emotive cries of, “stay home, save lives, save the NHS”.

Cries that were themselves soon proved to be a case of crying wolf. Lockdown with it`s dreadful and ruinous costs was a mistake and articles almost daily now show that to be true, particularly when one reads of the horrors faced by school children and excess deaths of cancer patients and others.

The far better results had by Sweden for example, show up the stupidity of lockdown.

A disaster brought upon this nation by the ridiculous ravings of people with a track record of such stupid forecasting and modelling.

People with no knowledge of epidemiology were listened to and the more cautious and sensible advice of those who forecast the ruinous costs and advised a more cautious and sensible approach, were at best ignored and at worst were foolishly vilified.

Luckily the Labour Party were not in power. Had they been so, Lockdown would have been longer and even more expensive.

The `irresponsible mass media` of which Mr. Williams writes, eg. the BBC, were indeed irresponsible but their views were without exception those espoused by the Labour Party and the woke socialist/communist lefties of the so-called Whitehall Blob.

These groupings have tried their level best to scupper any move that does not echo their populist nonsense.

The government`s mistakes certainly played a part in our present dilemma but quantitative easing (ie. printing worthless money), over many years, is the main culprit, not to mention Gordon Brown`s disastrous reign as Chancellor.

Ron Hill


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