Blog: Brexit ‘will provide significant benefits’ as Davis admits ‘going to take a bit longer’ – Express

Mr Davis reiterated that there will be more economic and social benefits for Britain from Brexit but conceded the full results of leaving the European Union will take longer to manifest. The former Brexit secretary told Matt Chorley that it may take a little while longer to see the full extent of the benefits Brexit can provide. He also explained that he resigned as Brexit secretary due to Theresa May’s negotiations deals when it came to leaving the EU.

Mr Chorley said: “You accept that up until now, six years in, we haven’t seen any economic benefits from having left the EU?”

Mr Davis told Times Radio: “No major ones, you’ve got minor ones like the liberalisation of vaccines. which is important after all it’s thousands of lives, let’s not put that to one side and say it doesn’t matter.

“You know, it’s an economic and a social benefit, and there will be more of that.”

The former Brexit secretary added: “Yeah, I think it will provide significant benefits.

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“It’s going to take a bit longer than I thought it would at the time.

“Because I’d be partly curious, one is the things like the postcode outcomes but the other is frankly, some of the negotiations done by Theresa May.

“The reason I resigned was just not very intelligent, and they’ve been recovered from largely now but not completely.

“And that will take a bit of time, but that will be beneficial I’ve got no doubt about that.”

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Due to the recession and economic challenges many Britons are facing due to the ongoing cost of living crisis, some have been calling for Britain to rejoin the EU.

Whilst some people have suggested a Swiss-style deal.

Some Britons protested outside of Parliament last month in order to try and get their demands met.

Polling expert Sir John Curtice has shown evidence that a majority of people are now in favour of rejoining the EU.


Sir John Curtice said: “It is certainly true that over the course of this year there has been a gradual move in the direction of people saying we should be in the EU, rather than outside.

“It is not as dramatic as the collapse in the fortunes of the Conservative Party following Liz Truss’ fiscal event.

“But, if you take the average of the last half dozen polls that asked whether people would rejoin the EU or stay out, at the moment, we have 57 percent of people saying we should rejoin, while 43 percent want to stay out.

“It has been a while since the opposite was true. You would have to go back to earlier this year to find an individual poll that has a majority saying we should be staying out.”


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