Blog: Brexit Britain seals £100m deal as Danish Crown announces gammon plant despite red tape – Express

European pork producer Danish Crown will build a £100million gammon and bacon factory in Brexit Britain, a report has revealed. Rochdale will welcome a 30,500-square-metre factory which will be powered by renewable energy.

The Greater Manchester plant will create 300 jobs once it is operational.

The site is expected to open in the second half of 2023.

The announcement comes despite the company coming to terms with Brexit-induced red tape following the UK’s decision to cut ties with the European Union’s single market and customs union.

Danish Crown chief executive Jais Valeur said: “The UK is now a ‘third country’ in line with the US or Asian markets when we export.”

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He added: “There’s a lot of headwinds but I am proud to be able to create some jobs here.”

Mr Valeur also claimed Danish Crown was forced to produce a “heavy set of documents for each and every consignment or load into the UK”.

The European meat producer is taking on an additional 33,000 pages per year, according to the Telegraph.

While the large Randers-based company is coping with an increase in red tape, Mr Valeur warned smaller businesses faced an “impossible” level of paperwork.

Data experts at Kantar have revealed that the UK has the highest consumption per capita of bacon in Europe at three kilograms a year.

However, Kantar also found that bacon sales in the UK have fallen by 3.7 percent over the 12 weeks to October 30.

Sausage sales also took a hit as they dropped by 3.3 percent compared to the same period last year.

The fall in meat sales comes as the penny-pinching Brits face a cost of living crisis.

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