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The UK is facing the worst downturn of major economies next year and is set for a recession which much of the rest of the world will avoid, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The global economic think tank sharply downgraded its forecasts for the UK economy, predicting it will shrink by 0.4 per cent in 2023 and grow by just 0.2 per cent in 2024. As recently as September, it was expecting GDP to flatline next year.

And it warned of the risk of a deeper downturn if consumers respond to spiralling energy and housing costs by reining in spending, taking demand out of the economy, while strikes and labour shortages could push prices up further by fuelling wage inflation.

It comes as Sir Keir Starmer accused the government of “archiving Britain’s growth” amid forecasts the UK is to face the worst downturn of major economies next year.


John Rentoul: Who cares if Rishi Sunak has private healthcare?

What matters are the PM’s policies for the NHS – not how he receives his own medical treatment, writes John Rentoul.

What matters are the PM’s policies for the NHS – not how he receives his own medical treatment, writes John Rentoul

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 16:05


Raab cites ‘progress’ on rape convictions

Justice secretary Dominic Raab said “progress” had been made to address low rates of rape referrals and convictions.

“There is progress there,” he told MPs. “Overall we’ve seen, in the latest criminal justice statistics, convictions for rape up by 65 per cent compared to the year before. I’m restless to go further.”

Earlier, Mr Raab was pressed on the “epidemic of rape” by former Labour minister Dame Angela Eagle. She said Rape Crisis statistics “show that only 3 per cent of cases saw charges brought last year”.

Mr Raab said: “Police referrals have gone up, suspects charged have also gone up.”

Adam Forrest22 November 2022 15:49


Raab complains about £50m pay deal for barristers

Dominic Raab revealed the recent 15 per cent pay rise for criminal barristers – settled by his predecessor Brandon Lewis to avoid threatened strike action – cost over £50m.

The justice secretary said he would not “backtrack” or “unpick” the deal – but suggested he didn’t agree with his predecessor’s move.

“It [£50m] is something I’ve then got to find. Should it come from victim support? Should it come from drug rehabilitation? … Those are the real problems in the real world that government ministers have to grapple with.”

Earlier, Mr Raab told MPs that said he is confident his plan for a Bill of Rights will receive “overwhelming support” from MPs during its second reading.

It expected to return to parliament in the next couple of weeks.The minister claimed it would “deal with problems and abuses of the [asylum] system, particularly things like foreign national offenders abusing the right of Article 8 [in the Human Rights Act]”.

Article 8 protects the right to respect for your private and family life.

Adam Forrest22 November 2022 15:31


Watch: Keir Starmer says the government has ‘archived growth’

Keir Starmer says the government has ‘archived growth’

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 15:16


Keir Starmer’s immigration policy straight out of Ukip manifesto, says Nigel Farage

Mr Farage said Labour was now “to the right of the Conservatives on immigration” after Sir Keir said Britain needed to end its “immigration dependency”.

The Labour leader addressed business chiefs in a speech on Tuesday morning and criticised the use of “cheap labour”.

Our policy correspondent Jon Stone reports:

Labour ‘to the right of the Conservatives on immigration’, ex- Brexit Party leader says

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 15:06


Justice department will have to make cuts, admits Raab

Justice secretary Dominic Raab has said his department will have to make “efficiency savings” in the years ahead because of “inflationary pressures”.

He said spending for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) would rise by 3.7 per cent over the spending review period until 2024-25 – but then would increase by only 1 per cent until 2027-28. Inflation is currently 11 per cent.

“I’m confident we can do it in a way that will protect our core priorities,” he told MPs on the justice select committee on the cuts ahead.”

Adam Forrest22 November 2022 14:52


Tory thinktank chief quits over party’s betrayal of millennials

The head of an influential Conservative thinktank is quitting, accusing his party of betraying millennials left with little hope of a “good life”.

Ryan Shorthouse, who founded Bright Blue in 2014, said the Tories had “failed my generation” on housing and childcare costs – despite having “12 years to fix these things”.

He pointed to a botched Brexit and Liz Truss’s disastrous mini-budget as factors behind the return to austerity, which he predicted would put the Conservatives out of power for two terms.

Our deputy political editor Rob Merrick reports:

’The Tory government has failed my generation – millennials – preventing the building blocks of what Conservatives believe make the good life’

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 14:37


Manston migrant centre ‘completely empty’

The Manston migrant processing centre is now completely empty after concerns it had become dangerously overcrowded.

The holding site in Kent for people who have arrived in the UK after crossing the Channel has been cleared, with everyone who was there now moved into hotels, Home Office sources confirmed to PA.

It is understood the facility remains open and will continue to be used as needed to carry out initial checks on migrants as more arrive.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said: “Manston by design is meant to be a temporary holding facility, where people are processed before moving on – normally, fairly quickly.

“Obviously there were immediate challenges, particularly after the attack at the other centre, which caused numbers to spike. So you would expect numbers to be relatively low on a daily basis as people are moved through quickly.”

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 14:18


Raab investigation could go beyond two formal complaints

The scope of an investigation into Dominic Raab’s conduct could go beyond the two formal complaints lodged against him.

The prime minister’s official spokesman indicated the inquiry could examine reports in The Guardian that Mr Raab behaved so badly in a meeting with the Home Office during his first stint as justice secretary that his department’s top official had to personally apologise to counterparts.

An independent investigation has been promised, although No 10 said the person who will lead that inquiry has not yet been appointed.

Asked for Rishi Sunak’s response to the latest allegations about his behaviour, the PM’s official spokesman said: “The prime minister has asked for an independent investigator to establish the facts and provide their findings. In the first instance, we will appoint an investigator and then there will be the process.”

The spokesman said “it will be for the investigator to decide what they do or do not choose to look at”.

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 14:00


No 10 ‘preparing for all eventualities on energy supplies’

No 10 has said it is preparing for “all eventualities” on energy supply, but the cabinet did not discuss the potential for blackouts during its meeting today.

“We do have quite a diverse energy provision. Offshore wind continues to provide a huge amount of our energy, particularly during the winter months,” the PM’s official spokesman said.

“While we are preparing for all eventualities, we are confident that we will continue to have good provision throughout the winter months.”

Emily Atkinson22 November 2022 13:42

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