Blog: Nigel Farage eyes return to politics over Brexit betrayal fears and vows to ‘crush’ Tories – Express

Nigel Farage is eyeing up a sensational return to frontline politics after No10 was forced to deny plotting to sign up for a Swiss-style relationship with the EU. The ex-MEP and pioneer of Brexit said the “betrayal will never be forgiven” if the Government seeks to leave the UK closer aligned to the EU.

In a stern warning to the Prime Minister if he went ahead with reopening the Brexit agreement, he said on social media: “The Tories must be crushed.”

And last night Mr Farage hinted he was actively considering making a return to defend the UK’s independence from the bloc.

“If they really do betray Brexit, I would have to do something,” he said.

Speaking to The Sun he added: “This is rather like the Chequers moment – the Tory party collapsed to eight percent in the elections after that and it looks like they are heading that way again.”

Downing Street has categorically denied claims from over the weekend that the Government could pursue a new, closer, relationship with the EU.

A Swiss-styled deal would mean the UK paying into the Brussels budget, accepting judgements from EU courts, and a slyer alignment of rules.

A Government spokesperson said: “This Government is focused on using our Brexit freedoms to create opportunities that drive growth and strengthen our economy.”

More to follow…

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