Blog: ANTHRAX’s Frank Bello blames COVID, not Brexit for their canceled European tour – Lambgoat

As a result of ongoing logistical issues and costs that the band could not control, Anthrax recently canceled their 2022 European tour. 

In an interview with TotalRock‘s Neil Jones, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello gave more detail on the cancellation, which the band initially announced via Facebook on August 31.

Bello spoke on the cancellation:

“When I saw the numbers, they were literally triple what they originally started at. We would be coming home at such a loss. You don’t mind a little bit of a loss just to play to the fans, but such a loss — we would have been really bad off for a while. So it didn’t make sense.”

After Jones asked if Brexit was behind Anthrax canceling, Bello said, “At this point, it’s a human thing”

Bello added: 

“I mean, it’s a budgetary thing. After COVID, when everything went crazy, money-wise, financially it wasn’t feasible to do it anymore. When [we] looked at it, we said, ‘All right. There’s better times ahead.’ And that’s the way to look at it now. Look, heating costs and everybody’s gotta put food on the table. I get it right now. So it’s just a really hard time for everybody.”

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