Blog: Chelsea and Brexit migration laws leave Tüchel offside – AS USA

The tale of heartbreak between Chelsea and Thomas Tüchel is not quite over. As revealed by The Telegraph, the German coach will have to leave England next month, in December, despite the fact that two of his former colleagues at Chelsea will be able to stay in the country.

So while Tüchel, who was sacked by the club in September following the team’s defeat in the opening Champions League match, has to pack his bags and leave the country, that will not apply two members of his staff, his former assistant Zsolt Löw and analyst Benjamin Weber. Low, who is Hungarian and Weber, who is German, have been placed on gardening leave by the new owners of Chelsea. That means that that while they no longer have an active role at the club, they remain on the payroll and therefore, are allowed them to stay in England with their families until they find new employment.

And while it’s still unclear why Todd Boehly and the Clearlake Capital investment fund didn’t make a similar offer for Tüchel, post-Brexit visa migration laws means that the German coach is forced to leave England as he is currently unemployed but more importantly, as he only took the Chelsea post in January 2021, maybe he didn’t apply for settled status. His new destination, according to the same newspaper, will be his homeland, Germany.

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