Blog: New passports tool lets you check if travel document is still valid after Brexit – Daily Record

Post-Brexit travel to EU countries can be tricky to navigate as every nation has their own passport rules which may differ from a nearby country.

Those who are going on holiday need to make sure that they are aware of a country’s specific requirements as they could be denied entry.

For some EU nations, you will need a valid passport which has more than three months left before expiring, however other nations may require more time than that.

Countries with more stringent requirements will demand that passports have six months left on their travel document before they need to be renewed, reports the Mirror.

Your passport also needs to have been issued in the past ten years at the time of entry.

To make the process more simple, and to give holidaymakers the correct information, a number of passport checking tools have been developed.

As more and more people watched their first post-lockdown holidays go up in smoke after falling foul of those rules, the Home Office launched a site which checked whether passports were valid.

The website turned out to have a defect and gave faulty advice about some children’s passports, leading the government to take it down and VisaGuide.World to launch one in its place.

The new checker has been developed by experts and offers correct information, completely based on the EU’s entry rules.oped by experts and offers correct information, completely based on the EU’s entry rules.

All users have to do is type in the date on which their passport expires, the date when they plan to enter the EU, as well as the date when they plan to leave.

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