Blog: Crypto-Asset Market Turmoil: Financial Stability Board Issues Statement – JD Supra

The Financial Stability Board has issued a statement on international regulation and supervision of crypto-asset activities. The statement is made in light of the crypto-asset market turmoil. The statement warns crypto-asset service providers to comply with existing legal obligations in the countries in which they operate, which would include anti-money laundering obligations. FSB members are implementing the Financial Action Task Force’s recommendations for crypto-asset service providers to be registered for AML purposes and to comply with the so-called travel rule, which requires relevant originator and beneficiary information to accompany crypto-asset transactions.

The FSB reiterates that an effective regulatory framework should adopt the “same risk, same outcome/regulation” approach. The FSB is progressing work with other international standard-setting bodies to tackle potential financial stability risks presented by crypto-assets, including stablecoins. This includes reviewing existing applicable standards, identifying gaps, and adjusting those standards or developing new standards. The FSB’s view is that stablecoins that are used as a means of payment potentially present significant risks to financial stability and should be subject to robust regulations and supervision, including transparency obligations and, importantly, holding sufficient reserves to mitigate financial stability risks. The FSB will report to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in October this year on the adoption of regulatory approaches to stablecoins.

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