Blog: Letters: Name one thing that hasn’t gone downhill since Brexit – I dare you – The Independent

I read Ed Dorrell’s column with interest and agreement (Britain is on the brink: no wonder morale is so low, 16 September). We appear to travel from one crises to the next – not always of our own making. Who could have envisaged a dire pandemic or a European War? I too remember that wonderful year 2012, when we celebrated the Queen’s diamond jubilee and hosted the Olympics. I was so proud to be British and felt the country was on a real, positive and unifying trajectory. But after the Brexit referendum, I feel a great sense of loss and to my mind it has all gone downhill since that momentous and in my humble opinion, misguided decision.

As Dorrell rightly states, we now have the Queen’s death and the massive outpouring has been emblematic of how people feel. Only three months ago, we had her wonderful platinum jubilee celebrations – now a constant presence in our lives has gone. This whole period has been so discombobulating and somehow life looks bleak and unknowable. I feel that King Charles III will rise to the occasion and rule intelligently with empathy and understanding, but I rather feel that the “jury is out” on the government. I sincerely hope to be proved wrong in that respect, for all our sakes – or life indeed will get worse and worse before it gets better.

Judith A. Daniels

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