Blog: ‘Horse****!’ French news slammed over quote that Brexiteers didn’t know why they voted – Express

A Brexiteer has hit out against the claim he and the millions of others who voted “Leave” in 2016 “didn’t know” why. The debate over the decision to leave the Brussels bloc is still alive and well, despite the decision having been made more than six years ago. As the country makes its way towards what is expected to be a particularly difficult winter given the ongoing cost of living crisis, some commentators continue to insist Brexit has done a gone deal of damage to the economy, though the financial positions of many other Western economies are not much brighter.

The lasting impact of our withdrawal from the bloc is not the only aspect brought under continued questioning, but also the reason Britons voted to leave in the first place.

Brexiteer social media user Thomas Evans has criticised one recent argument claiming the “English” specifically did not know why they voted to leave the EU.

This read: “The English didn’t know why they wanted to leave the EU, they didn’t understand what would happen when they did, they don’t like the consequences of leaving, and now they don’t want the treaty they negotiated.”

The comment is attributed to the Economics Editor of French news station TF1 News.

Mr Evans responded that he was “sick” of such “patronising” remarks.

He wrote: “What complete and utter horses**t!

“We knew why we wanted to leave and we knew what we could get in the future if it was done right and people were patient.

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The Leaver added: “Sick of this patronising racism from the usual suspects.

“’English’… ‘didn’t know why they wanted to leave the EU’.”

@Backagainregard also joked: “What’s the [Remainer] cult going to do when the EU collapses bless them?

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“Probably blame Brexit and not the failed socialist state that it is.”

@Cathrin39975438 added that the commenter was “some Editor…”.

They said: “The BRITISH knew exactly why they voted for Brexit.”

Many commentators have described “Brexit” as having become a byword for immigration in the lead-up to the 2016 vote.

This, they add, explains the unity of small-c conservative Labour Party voters and traditionalist Conservative Party members behind the vote for Leave, given the reach of immigration as a topic in these communities.

While questions continue to be asked over the initial causes of Brexit, talks over the Northern Ireland Protocol are also ongoing, with the Government expected to give a response to recent legal challenges from Brussels in the coming days or weeks.

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