Blog: Nigel Farage’s Brexit-themed gin? I’ve got a better idea – The Times

This week Nigel Farage launched his own gin range, Farage Gin, in the hope, he says, you’ll “enjoy my patriotic take on this quintessentially British drink”, which, in fact, originated as a medicinal liquor in the 11th century in Flanders, the Netherlands and southern Italy, but hey ho. Even the name comes from the Dutch word for juniper (“jenever”), but hey ho.

It has been made, he continues, in the “heart of Cornwall” and it is, should you be concerned, “artisan” and “hand-bottled” and utilises “spring water” and it comes in three varieties: red (cherry), white (liquorice) and blue (gardenia). The gin is priced at £40 a bottle, which is double the price of Gordon’s, say, but it offers “a taste of Brexit” and

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