Blog: Cabinet approves €200m expansion of Rosslare Europort – Irish Examiner

A €200m expansion of Rosslare Europort, which will Brexit-proof the facility, has been given the green light.

The Cabinet has signed off on a significant development of the port, which is necessary to provide permanent Brexit infrastructure that will ensure compliance with EU customs and will provide protection for the EU single market.

Speaking after the Government meeting, Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath said: “This is a vital development to ensure Ireland can effectively manage the new requirements for checks and controls on trade with the UK. 


“It will facilitate trade at the port and support other exciting opportunities being developed for Rosslare and the South East.”

Funding for the development will be claimed under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve.

Ireland to back Ukraine’s case against Russia

Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has received approval to intervene in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights, involving Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine has taken the proceedings, in which it is arguing that the invasion and occupation of its territory by the Russian Federation has given rise to a range of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

Intervention by Ireland as a third party is a gesture of political support and solidarity with Ukraine, and is consistent with the Government’s commitment to the principle of accountability for Russian aggression against Ukraine in a range of international forums, including the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

This intervention is all the more notable given that Ireland currently holds the presidency of the Committee of Ministers on the Council of Europe, and has never before intervened as a third party in an inter-state case before the court.

Germany, the Netherlands, and Latvia have already sought leave to intervene in these proceedings, and it is understood that a number of other states are actively considering seeking leave.

New embassy and consulates

Mr Coveney also brought details of a new embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, and consulates general in Milan, Italy, and in Munich in Germany.

The Government has committed to opening at least 26 new diplomatic missions by 2025. These three new missions will bring to 22 the number of missions opened or announced.

Budget measures

Michael McGrath also brought his department’s expenditure strategy for Budget 2023 to Cabinet for discussion.

As set out in the Summer Economic Statement (SES), this month’s budget will include a €5.7bn increase in core expenditure across 2022 and 2023, comprising €4.9bn in core current expenditure and €0.8bn in core capital expenditure.

However, the recently-concluded public sector pay talks have resulted in a proposed extension of the Building Momentum agreement with an additional cost of €1.4bn over the next two years.

When existing demands on funding are taken away, this leaves around €1.3bn for other new measures including a social protection package.

A Government spokesperson said: “Budget day is now three weeks away, with the accelerated timeline this year requiring intensive engagement with a view to finalising budgetary decisions at the earliest opportunity. Estimates will need to be settled in the next fortnight in line with the agreed fiscal parameters.”

The Government will also make provision for temporary non-core funding of €4.5bn in 2023 to continue its response to Covid-19, Brexit and humanitarian provision for Ukrainian arrivals to Ireland.

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