Blog: Biden warns Truss Brexit row resolution a ‘priority issue’ for US as UK eyes trade deal – Express

After a phone call with President Joe Biden on Tuesday, Prime Minister has been warned failing to preserve peace in  will make it difficult to strike a trade deal with the US. While the unionists refuse a post- checks border in the Irish Sea, the rules out a barrier on the island of Ireland – a prerequisite to keep the peace. Former Bush advisor Prof Colleen Graffy warned the ongoing row between the UK and the EU remains one of the pivotal “tension points” in the path of a US-UK trade deal.

When asked if she could see Liz Truss and Joe Biden working together, Prof Graffy said: “You put your finger on one of the tension points, which is the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“And I think there’s a desire to work through this together. But why does it matter? Because we’ve had all of those years of the Troubles and the concerns with the United States with what’s been happening in Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland and so this good Friday Agreement is something that has brought peace. And the last thing we want is for that to go asunder.

“So, I think that there’s going to be efforts on both sides to make sure that we come to a good place on this.”

Ms Graffy added: “But of course, Biden with Irish roots cares immensely that there’s peace in Northern Ireland and obviously the UK does as well.”

GB News’ Eamonn Holmes however pointed out that the majority of Britons voted for Brexit and Irish unionists want to keep close relationships with Great Britain after Brexit and “not be governed by the European Union.”

“They like the idea that they can biff the protocol and be European-free,” Mr Holmes added.

Ms Graffy said: “Well, this is a complicated matter with lots of layers of problems and tensions. And that’s a matter for the UK to work on.”

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Ms Graffy said: “But their understanding in their phone call from yesterday was that it is a priority issue that peace remains.

“And we hope in good faith that that will happen.”

As the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss faces conflicting stances on the Northern Ireland Protocol issue.

The unionist DUP has ruled out forming a Government as long as the checks in the Irish Sea are in place.

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In response, the EU – who negotiated that Irish Sea border with Boris Johnson’s Government in 2020 – refuses to move the border between the two Irelands, as it would stir up tension and flout the Belfast Good Friday Agreement.

In her previous role as Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss vowed to scrap all borders and implement a lane system.

Goods travelling to Northern Ireland and destined for the European Union would go through a red lane with checks, whereas goods travelling to Northern Ireland would go through a green lane without checks.

The EU’s Brexit Commissioner Maros Sefcovic has dismissed her bill as a violation of international law.

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