Blog: Rishi ALWAYS backed Brexit and WILL deliver for Britain, says David Davis – Express

Most recently, the bold and decisive leadership we have taken in supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression has demonstrated the extent of the role that our country has to play on the world stage.

Our next Prime Minister will face extraordinarily difficult challenges. They need to get inflation under control, address the cost of living challenges, contend with a war in Ukraine and finish Brexit by exploiting all of the opportunities it gives us. Let’s not forget that we were elected with a thumping majority to ‘get Brexit done’.

So, we need a Prime Minister that believes in our country, backed and believes in Brexit. That is Rishi Sunak. He put his career on the line in the interest of doing what he believed to be right for the country.

Unlike his opponent, he was not swayed by Treasury orthodoxy nor was he tempted to defend wild claims that leaving the EU would somehow cost every household more than £4,000.

Rishi’s euroscepticism dates back further though; in 1997, he wrote of Tony Blair that he ‘revels in the label of a patriot, but has plans for the possible breakup of the United Kingdom and membership of an eventual European Superstate.

Already the New Labour rhetoric sounds worryingly pro-European and avid pro-Europeans are being sent to Brussels”.

Do I trust Rishi with Brexit? Yes I do. Not only did he vote for it, as Chancellor he began to make the most of it, by establishing freeports and ripping up the Europe-driven financial services rulebook.

He has also been clear that he will review all 2,400 EU laws within his first 100 days in office.

By the time of the next election, he will have either scrapped or reformed every last one of them to benefit Britain and British businesses. Many of these retained EU laws are stifling growth, which is arguably the answer to many of the economic problems that we face.

Until we have done this, we cannot be a truly sovereign, global, free-trading nation with full control of our laws, regulations and international trade policy.

Our next Prime Minister will also need to deal with the issue of the Northern Ireland Protocol. It isn’t working and Rishi knows that. I trust him to defend the Good Friday Agreement and do the right thing.

We are living through challenging times but there are better days ahead.

Rishi Sunak is the person to tackle inflation, grow the economy and then cut taxes, and make sure that every part of our great country can capitalise on the opportunities that await us. 

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