Blog: Brexit myth-busters lay bare new data showing 90% of UK exports go to the EU – Express

Ahead of the Brexit referendum, a host of politicians, commentators and businesspeople claimed leaving the Brussels bloc would spell disaster for the UK – especially for its economy. Straight after ‘Leave’ won the vote, almost every minor hiccup was pinned on Brexit – a sign, said those who had backed ‘Remain’, they had been vindicated.

Facts4EU has now, however, published a report showing UK-EU trading relations not only remain strong but could, in fact, be stronger since Brexit.

It said that UK exports of goods and services to the bloc had risen by 26.6 percent.

They compared quarter one of 2022 with that of 2016, just before the referendum.

A fresh report also added that just 10 EU countries account for almost 90 percent of purchases from UK exporters.

Almost 70 percent of purchases come from just five EU member states.

The biggest buyer of UK goods inside the bloc is Germany.

Its economy brought £48.3billion’s worth of goods and services from April 1 2021 to March 31 2022.

Germany was followed closely by Ireland, at £45.1billion in the same period.

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The Netherlands, France and Belgium trail closely behind the top two countries.

Using figures from the Office for National Statistics, the pro-Brexit group added the remaining 17 EU counties buy just 10.9 percent of the EU’s total purchases from the UK.

Facts4EU said the news will come as a big blow to the ‘Remain’ camp.

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It said: “Back in 2016 in an effort to scare voters into remaining in the European Union we were told that the UK’s economy would fall over a cliff edge if we voted to leave.

“Well, we did and it didn’t.

“Not only that, but the EU27 are buying more from us now that we’ve left their Union.”

Pro-Brexit commentator Robert Kimbell insisted that “no other member state comes close” to these export levels.

Others on social media celebrated the news, which they said acted as proof that Brexit was the right path for Britain.

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