Blog: ‘This is scary’ Britons fume at ‘sinister’ EU plans to halt UK passport stamps at border – Express

Tim Reardon, head of EU exit for the Dover Harbour Board, told MPs last year: “In our context, virtually everybody crosses the border in a vehicle and in a group.

“There is no such thing as an e-gate for a car, and there is no such thing as an e-gate process for people travelling as a group. They’re all one-at-a-time processes.”

Meanwhile, Twitter users reacted with fury to the plans.

Matthew Pritch said: “Just taking back control of our borders, money and law said the EU.”

Marilyn Parrott posted: “This is scary. Why will a British passport no longer be sufficient to enter EU countries, like in the olden days? Will children and babies have to be fingerprinted also? Where is this heading?”

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