Blog: Liz Truss accused of UNDOING Brexit boost over bombshell plans ‘Can’t do that!’ – Express

Conservative Mayor Ben Houchen discussed why he was outraged about leadership candidate Liz Truss’s U-turn on public sector workers wages. Mr Houchen claimed that if the proposals were to be implemented under a Truss Government, it would undo all of Boris Johnson’s work. The Conservative MP claimed it was unfair for public sector workers like teachers in the North to be paid less than their counterparts in the South-West.

Mr Houchen stated that Ms Truss’s plan was a really bad idea and it was good that her team had realised it before it was too late.

GB host Esther McVey said: “Speechless was at the start of your tweet, and you ended with so much work that we’ve done in places like Teeside would be undone, how?”

Mr Houchen told GB News: “Well it would be undone on the basis that Boris Johnson who came up with a fantastic policy of levelling up, which led to that huge majority that we got in 2019, as well as obviously delivering Brexit.

“Would completely be undone, you can’t go into a cost of living crisis and an energy crisis, and say to the people of largely the North of England but in places like the South West and say actually because you’re a teacher, and you happen to be based in the North irrespective of counterparts doing the same job in the South-East that you should be paid less.

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Mr Houchen added: “It would ultimately undo the huge amount of work that we’ve done since Brexit.

“Where we’ve attracted first-time Labour voters, to vote Conservative, that was accelerated under Boris Johnson.

“It just seemed like a really bad idea, and fundamentally the most important thing is that Liz and her campaign have realised that.

“And they’ve ridden back from it, which means it’s not happening, and then we can move on to the more important discussions about the detailed policy about what each contender is offering the country.”

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Mr Houchen’s tweet read: “Actually speechless. There is simply no way you can do this without a massive pay cut for 5.5m people including nurses, police officers and our armed forces outside London.

“So much that we’ve worked for in places like Teesside, would be undone.”

Both Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have been urged by Britons to lay out plans for how they aim to tackle the cost of living crisis in the UK.

The crisis is expected to worsen as soon as autumn hits, and both candidates have vowed to cut taxes within different time frames if elected, in order to ease the burden on Britons.


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Mr Houchen is not the only MP to come out and slam Ms Truss’s proposal despite her U-turn on the decision.

Her leadership competitor Rishi Sunak had his team break down her proposal and highlight what was wrong with the finical proposal for public sector workers.

According to Mr Sunak’s team: “The entire civil service pay bill is £16.5 billion. You’d have to more than halve civil service salaries to save £8.8 billion.

“The calculation the Liz campaign has done to get to £8.8 billion is based on a report that looked across the whole public sector workforce and therefore includes cutting the pay of nurses, police officers and the armed forces – the report explicitly says ‘all public sector workers and lists no exceptions.”


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