Blog: Brexit LIVE: Ignorant! Fury as ‘stupid’ US ‘propaganda’ claims EU exit ‘fantasy’ is OVER – Express

Hungary will sign a new deal with Vladimir Putin, in a blow to the EU’s efforts to reduce dependency on Russian energy. 

On Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban confirmed a new deal would be signed this summer to provide his country with an additional 700 million cubic metres of gas.

He said: “We are negotiating with the Russians … this deal can be signed during the summer, and then we will be safe.

“Hungary will have enough gas.”

The deal would come as a blow to Brussels’ efforts to become ever less dependent on Moscow for energy supplies.

Commenting on the upcoming deal, European correspondent for French daily Liberation, Jean Quatremer, said: “Hungary has officially broken European unity.

“As there are no European sanctions on gas, it does not violate any of its obligations, it is just a thumbs up to the twenty-six other countries.

“But symbolically, it leaves the European concert.”


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